Creative Ways to Use QR Codes for your Business

QR-Codes-for-your-BusinessCreative Ways to Use QR Codes for your Business


You’ve probably seen two-dimensional bar codes in some special offers and discounts from some merchants. These square bar codes are known as QR codes and there are many powerful ways to use QR codes for your business. You can see them in print ads, consumer products and other advertising establishments. These codes originally came from Japan and it basically comprises of a square pattern of black bars placed on white background. This can be utilized to encode a special URL or other information that the customers need to access by scanning it in their mobile phones. Using a unique smartphone technology or any built-in camera from a mobile phone, these codes can be scanned and decoded to reveal special information about a product or special offer. 

Types of Information that can be used in a QR Code

  1. URL a link to your website, mobile coupon, your contact page, or any created ideas you can come up with.
  2. Link to call your number.  When the QR code is scanned the smartphone initiates a phone call to your business. Scan to Call QR code.
  3. Link to send a Text Message.  This can be used to build your Text/SMS marketing list.
  4. Link to an email address.  You can even have it set with an email message.
  5. And many more possibilities. 

You will notice many of businesses making use of the powerful ways to use QR codes in their marketing campaigns. If you want to be current and updated to compete for your share of the market, then you need to use these codes to promote and advertise your business. You can offer discount codes, and other relevant information about your products and services to encourage customer loyalty as well as gain new customers. 

The great thing about these codes is that the possibilities are endless. If you want to be ahead of the pack, then take a look at these powerful ways to use QR codes:

You can include these unique QR codes in your business card. When you go to networking activities, events and tradeshows, it is easy to disseminate information just by incorporating these codes on your card with your contact details and website.

You can also make use of these codes when you do press releases. You can choose to only give subtle hints in your press release message to encourage them to take the code and scan it to reveal so much more.

When you release a new product or new literature for that product, you can include codes that will direct your potential customers to freebies and special offers for those who want to try out this new product. This encourages them to try out the product for themselves and eventually become a regular customer.

Use these codes on websites not just your own. A code definitely looks more interesting than your ordinary URL link.

These codes are also great for any promotional material. Whether you are advertising online or offline, you can include these QR codes for customers and potential customers to access information directly that will encourage them to view your products and services. You can also use these powerful ways to use QR codes for surveys, opt-in and subscription campaigns.