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You can have custom sms/text marketing forms like this one above. Enter your number to test it.

This is only a demo account you will not receive text messages. When you enter you will receive a "welcome" text message only. This "welcome" message can be customized for your business.

Reward you best customers

Send out special discounts to your best customers directly to their phone for immediate responses.

Send out Event Reminders

Are you having a big event? Now you can send out event reminders to everyone on your list. This is a very low cost way to contact a large list in just moments.

Send Mobile Coupons

Increase your business by sending out mobile coupons that customers can redeem on special discount days.

Send Appointment Reminders

If you have customers with appointments send out scheduled appointment reminders so you can reduce the number of no shows.

Text to Vote campaigns

Run a text to vote campaign to see what your customers prefer.

Text Raffle Campaigns

Run a raffle with text messaging. Give out monthly prizes (gift cards etc.) to reward and engage your customers. This can also promote your business when your customers tell their friends.

There are many possibilities. We can work with your to develop customized text marketing campaigns for your business.